Raivavae 2010











   News  by  DL9AWI

            8.August 2010

            DL1AWI received now ~1500(from 6500!) QSLs from UA6HPR.

            He comfirmed all direct QSLs.Starting to confirm the Buro QSLs.

             28.June 2010

             QSL Service is greatly delayed. UA6HPR's has QSL-Print
            major problems with shipping to Germany. On 06/19/2010
            I received a small package with 280 QSL cards. I need
            6500 cards, and I hope this fully in the next two months-
            for all the time. Questions about e-mail more and more.
            Please understand that I will no e-mail QSL requests to
            more answer. The supply of UA6 is to me because no faster.
            No one knew in advance of such problems!
            All inquiries have shown that Your Direct QSL received by me.
            Only one QSL of Italy, was opened by thieves and steal its contents.

             73 de DL1AWI

             07.Mai 2010     from DL1AWI

             Since 02.05.2010, DF3CB have uploadet the LOTW with correct times.
             Direct QSL-Request: DL1AWI wait for the big package with the TX3D cards.
             The cards where printet in Russia (UA6HPR). DL3APO have ordered the
             cards in March (05.)           


             LOTW is ready. But please note.


            We know that there are problems with the LOTW. At Station 2 (40, 30, 15m),

            there are incorrect times. We are working on this fact and ask for some patience.

            The data in the online log will be correct with a few exceptions.

            Thank you for your cooperation.


             new pictures added


             They are back.

             7.Febr.  09.10 utc

              Team is now in Papeete.They leave the island with an military airplane.

              Good organisation there.

              6.Febr.  21.00 utc

              good news.Cyclon Oli leave the australs.Team and people on Raivavae are ok.

              Any damage there.Airport is ok,but not the street to the airport-see picture.

              from DL1AWI

              "The electricity is finish for the next day's. The House from the Generators is demaged.
              No Roof, Masts and wires are broken.

               73 de Wulf"

              5.Febr. 23.30 utc

             "OLI" is about 70 km from there.On any places comes wather over the street.

              No electricity and telephon there.Situation is steady

            5.Febr.21.00 utc

            Team is save there.They can not leave the islandAll flights are cancel.

             No electricity there.

            5.Febr. 8.00 utc by FO5QB and FO8RZ

            The Tropical Storm is coming slowly to Raivavae.They take the next fly after OLI.

           4.Febr. 20.00 utc

            TX3D is qrt.Cyclon oli is coming.Good luck for their.

           3.Febr. 21.00 utc from DL1AWI

          In the past night we have very bad conditions at 160/80 m. The qrn is very strong from
          the cyclone near the Cook-Island. In the next night we will work only at 80 m band with station 1.
          The station 2 work running well in digi-modes and cw. Tomorrow morning is
          station 1 close down.In the friday morning we have only a small window for rebuilding station 2.
          Friday we will start back to Tahiti and send our last update.

         73 and a hope for better conditions

         Team TX3D

          2.Febr. 19.30 utc from DL1AWI

          Only 2 nights have we to work in our dx-pedition. the storm is go back and we will
          building our 160m antenna for the dx window into EU only.

          73 de3 TX3D - Team

          1.Febr. 20.20 utc  from DL1AWI

           Hello HAM's !

           Our activity is now limitet for 80/30m. It's impossible to rebuild our vertical from
           station1 temporary for 160m. Very strong wind disable the work.

           73 de TX3D-Team

          1.Febr. 8.00 utc

          very windy there.They can not work 160.Will work80/30 m this night

         31.Jan 20.30 utc from DL1AWI

 Hi Folks,
 since yesterday afternoon we are at 30m. First 1000 contacts in the log. Huge pile ups and good         signals.80m in the early afternoon we heard lot of DL s in a weekend contest. After our dinner we were  start our activity and no answer for our cq.
One hour later the big pile ups came up.
 The most important problem is all stations calling at a small frequency range. Please spread out!
 Today we will use a switching box for a quick band change (160 and 80m).
         TX3D team

          30.Jan. 21.00 utc from DL1AWI

          Hi folks!
          We have luck: The cyclon crossing the route between Tahiti and Australs.
          In the last night strong storm but no damages!
          Yesterday evening we has been started the 80m activity with 926 contacts!
          Excuse me please the delay for updating. We sent the newest log daily in the local morning!
          Today we will make a alligment for better performance of 80m.
          The Dentron amplifier will be repaired soon and we can work simultaneuos 80/30m.
          See you later!
          TX3D team

          Pict.: Dayly communication to the online-log

          29.Jan. 20.50 UTC from DL1AWI

         In the last evening at the topband: over a handfull DL's going in our log. Friends
         from Ilmenau, Muehlburg, Dresden and so one we could work. The stations make a very
         good fieldstrenght on the S-Meter. Important is we have no QRM-Level from the HV-
         Line in our background. QRN is coming up from a thunderstorm (small Cyclon) near
         neighbour-islands. Today we will remove the inverted L to a 80 m vertical. 160m after
         cq160 may be possible. Last night we stopped during eastcoast sunrise the activity
         because the amplifier crashed. So these are all news we hope that we are not the target of the

          Cu next night on 80m.
          73 s from Raivavae Island
          the TX3D team

         28.Jan. 19 30 Z  from DL1AWI

         Hello DX'ers !

         In the past night, we have work a lot of RTTY-Stations at 40 m. The Europeans at 40 m
         are very strong. 160m is poore to make a lot of stations. This morning we work 12
         stations from W and JA in 30 minutes with 4 dupes alone from W. To the EU-Opening
         Time we made much more EU's then before. Wolf, DF2PY make the loudest Signal on 160
          from the EU's and especially DL.Unfortunatly we must interrupt often during the EU
          opening our activity when S6 QRM from the local 5 kV Powerline (we think a defect
          Insulator) comes up. During the WW160 we will be on 80m. Today 40m RTTY + SSB.
          So EU s pse listen careful if we pick up a callsign then mostly no replay.
          Remember: call only if you hear us!!!


         27.Jan 20.25 Z  info from DL1AWI

        They have big problems with qrn from the 5kv powerline on 160.Any US station ignore they

        call "CQ Eu" and make many qrm in the short time to work Eu.A second DL-Station is in the

        log (congrats).Work now many dupes on 160.They will be work now  more on 80.But will

        be qrv on 160 in the Eu openings.Next weekend they will be not operate in the 160CW contest.

       They will work on 80 and 30m.

        26.Jan. 19.30 Z 

       Last night they have big problems with qrn in their evening.But work a few EUs on 160(1st DL

       in the log).They can not work simultaneous 160 and 80m.Some problems with one tcrv.


       24.Jan. 2120 Z

       onlinelog updated,next night they will work on 160 and 80m

        24.Jan. 9.30 Z

       onlinelog updated

       23.Jan  8.30 Z

       They receive their Antennas bag in the afternoon.They built the mast for the 40m GP and

       higher bands.40m GP doing very well. 160/80m GP will be built next day(saturday)

      22.Jan 11.00 Z  Tnx Phil

     Antenna Bag is now in Papeete.They hope to receive the bag with the next fly Friday

     afternoon.Sat-phone is now ready for internet.Onlinelog will be updated now each day


      21.Jan 8.30 Z   Tnx Phil

      good and bad news.

      They receive one more Baggage.They have now the second pa,but not the baggage with the

      antennas.They use a prov. antenna with  wires from the radials from a GP.

     .Next airplane comes friday.

      They get a new Callsign   TX3D .Can use this call from Saturday 23th Jan

       to the end of the expedition


      19.Jan 8.30 Z   Thanks Phil FO8RZ

      Team arrive good in Raivavae in their afternoon,but without 50 percent of their baggages.

      They have only 2 trcv,1 Pa and little wire(no mast,no coax,no Ant). They will go in the Air

       with low signal.Next airplane from Papeete comes wednesday and they hope,the rest of the

       baggages comes then. 

      17.Jan   09.00 Z

     Team startet this morning from Berlin via London,LA to Papeete.They will be in Papeete 17.Jan.at

     23.00 local time.Next morning they get there license and fly to Raivavae. Time of  arrival in

     Raivavae 18.Jan. ~ 16.00 local time. Plan is to built 1 Antenne (40 or 30m).

     Good flight