Raivavae 2010



                                                               Airport Berlin Tegel  


                                                      Papeete-meeting with Phil-FO8RZ


                                                     Peter and Wulf at Raivavae airport


                                                               Lunch at Motu Piscine


                                                     Wulf and Peter with 40/30m Vertical


                                                                  antenna works


                                                                 antennas after sunrise


                                                              Mat at Mt. Hiro, 350 mASL


                                                            feeding point 80/160m Vertical


                                                                  Road after cyclone Oli


                                                                   after cyclone


                                                                      the day after....


                                                                  power station after Oli




                                                               it`s time to say good bye..


                                                         flight from Raivavae to Papeete